About Us .....
Based at Salinas, California and serving the Central West Coast of California...... you will find me traveling to the counties of Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Benito, and Santa Clara.

By appointment, with work accomplished on a regular basis, I'll gladly keep your horses on a scheduled calendar.  I am available to shoe your horse on site at your facilities or in my shop at my ranch in North Monterey County.
I stand by and support the old tried and true techniques of this profession. I follow the age old traditional concept of shoeing, known as  PERIMETER FIT.  All shoes are "hand-made" ( hot iron out of the forge is turned over a  "round horned" anvil ) and "custom fit "  for each foot of each horse....  absolutely NO store bought  fit-em-all  procedures done here.

Not all horses have to be "shod" .... there are some (depending upon their job & where they are ridden) that can accomplish their travels as barefooted horses  .... that being the case, I can "properly" take care of these horses as we  TRIM ONLY ....  and in doing so, we help your bank account travel a few more miles.

LASTLY .... probably an area that means the most to me ...... I do have an excellent working rapport with all local Veterinarians and will gladly work with any of them on all lameness issues ....... the "heartfelt"  reward that I receive as I help a horse get around that was once hurting is an area that I love to work. This is the special payoff for the years spent in the EDUCATIONAL PROCESS