Equine Podiatry Art


Sharing Our World
Speaking Engagements and Live Shoeing Demonstrations
Starting back in the Spring of 2011, I became very involved with the Agricultural History Project at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds. I was asked by the founders if I might like to bring a bit from my farrier world and add that to their thirty year old program. Agricultural History in the Pajaro & Salinas Valleys is well represented by this group. If anything has had a connection to the "ag community" .... you'll find it in the "museum" at the Agricultural History Project ... which is found at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds .... East of Watsonville, California. We are very proud to be part of this undertaking as we add another little bit to their great show ....
Each Spring and again in the Fall I have offered my presentation  ..........
"5500 Year History of the Domesticated Horse
and the Evolution of Horse Shoeing"
Each September .... during the five day long run of the "Santa Cruz County Fair" .... we put on this demonstration daily in front of thousands of folks.... including about eight thousand local youth who come through in search of wisdom pertaining to the "agricultural community". Not only do we shoe a horse utilizing "hand-made" shoes .... but we also share the narrated story pertaining to the history of this endeavor.
I have always found History to be so very intriguing ....... from those days back in grade school and on through my adult life ......
So .... why not take the love of this topic and apply that to the career or field in which I have spent my life ??? .... being that of a Farrier or Horse Shoer.
And now .... we look forward to shaing our world. Not just what it is and how we accomplish the task, but also ..... how it evolved and came to be.
Our latest show..... "Yesterday's  Farm" .... at The Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds (East of Watsonville) was held back in September of 2017.
It was very much a success.... literally  "thousands" of people were able to witness a horse being shod. Many of them had never seen this procedure ever before in their life.
They were able to interact and ask questions .... allowing them to leave our demonstration booth with a bit of an understanding about the world of a farrier and our responsibilities as we care for the equine entrusted to us. Please stay in touch .... come back and visit this site .... and learn when and where our next presentation will be held.

After spending so many years gathering the knowledge and technique to accomplish a task that is one of the oldest vocations known to man ....  I now find it so rewarding, not only to accomplish the procedures as I shoe a horse; but also to share the art form with the public .... both horse owning and just those who show great interest. 
Please browse through the Thumbnail Pictures below. These are but a few of those that we have gathered as we come forth with our show twice a year at the local fairgrounds. Click on one of these  "thumbnails"  to enlarge the picture and start the  "slideshow"........