Mission Statement


It is my wish at "Central Coast Farrier Service" that this web-site serve it's purpose by introducing you, the horse - owner to my horse shoeing practice. If you are able to log off of your computer sometime in the near future with the feeling of confidence in knowing that I am qualified to tend to your horses' hoof needs; then this presentation has been successful.

Along with bringing you to a place where you find confidence in my abilities, I also want to share the fact that the second half of this journey called life is dedicated to "sharing" the knowledge and wisdom that has been gathered over the past few decades. Being given this gift that I have and that I use each day is of no value what-so-ever if I do not share it and pass it on to the next generation ..... that matters not who they are or to what degree they function in the equine world .....  a young person wishing to become a farrier, a horse owner struggling with their horse as it takes a lame step, a new horse owner in need of guidance, or a veterinarian who needs a "smith" to create a special shoe. I feel so very fortunate to have had so many before me who have given me so much ..... and now I wish to share that with the multitudes who are coming up behind me..... "The Good Lord has made sure that the "Wisdom" was placed before me and that I had the insight and intelligence to understand it .... He gave me the eyes to see what is happening as a horse travels a path with a need for a properly trimmed foot ..... and He gave me the hands and ability to "turn the iron" and create the shoe to properly fit that foot. All of these "gifts" are of no value if I cannot share them and pass them on to the next person ....

Raised here locally, with Hereford cattle and Quarter Horses in the pasture, I had the hooves of many a brood mare between my knees long before my fifteenth birthday. My father and the farrier who tended to our show horses instructed me as I carried out those first trimming responsibilities. At a bit later date I attended a farrier class at a local junior college. These early INSTRUCTIONAL TIMES took place decades ago ...... however I still enjoy sitting in the second seat as often as possible as I watch and / or work with another accomplished local farrier ...... we are never too old to learn as we explore and hone the skills of our chosen trade. I have the desire to be the best that I can be and each day I look for another building block to help me in reaching that goal.

It is my desire to come forth and share the gathered skills of horse shoeing with the well being, comfort and health of your horse in mind. It is so very important that we put all egos and self satisfying ideals aside. This project needs to be about the long term health and well being of your horse. To make sure that every horse walks away feeling better after I've finished with him is the goal that I must keep in mind. What is the best way to tend to this horses' needs is the question that I must ask as each one is led to me as they each come to the shoeing barn with their own unique needs. This matters not only in both trimming and shoeing, but also must be the attitude taken with the high dollar show horse and the back yard pet. Something that I've learned in this profession is:  "..... I might or might not be able to help a lame horse become sound.... but I darn sure better not create a problem that makes a sound horse become lame !!!"

I hope that you enjoy reading that which I have to share in this format on the "world wide web". Hopefully I can post a few PICTURES for you to take a look at. In doing so, I believe that you will be left with the confident feeling that your horses' future will be in good hands as I tend to his shoeing needs.

       Please view our  ENGAGEMENT THEORY  and / or feel free to  CONTACT  US   with questions, comments, or inquiries....... Thank You.