Pictures of Farrier Work Accomplished


Those above were considerably easier ..... while that seen below tells the story of how some of these clinical cases come to us and how the process unfolds as we bring them back to a place of "soundness".


...and his Double Quarter Cracks !!!

      This little Quarter Horse gelding was that of a junior high aged young lady that enjoyed showing in Equitation, Western Pleasure, Trail Horse, and Showmanship at Halter. She was very competitive .... that is .... until this little horse was stopped dead in his tracks with first one then a second "Quarter Crack" on the same foot. "Dot" had been parked for about eleven months while being worked on by two different farriers .... neither being able to ever completely resolve the problem. Once or twice the healing process would begin on one or the other of the cracks .... but then the other side would break open .... and they'd have to begin the process all over again...... and the horse just sat !!!
      We utilized a very aggressive aproach .... Heart Bar Shoes & Mushroom Pads .... and the "windowing" out or unloading of the damaged heel area. The cracks were "dremeled" out from bottom clear up to hair line, insuring that there was no "overlap". This clean-up and starting over with "No Load"  allowed us to watch new growth fall down from the hairline at a very rapid pace. "Dot" was on the shoeing rack every five weeks to be re-shod .... but keep in mind .... this procedure allowed him to be back in the conditioning and training arena within a few days of first being shod ..... consequently .... while we were working on his feet, the trainer and the young lady that showed this horse were back in training mode and back into the "show - ring" .... they never once looked back again .... and at the end of the season .... this young lady went to the podium to receive two new championship buckles for her accomplishments that season.
       This aggresive procedure (started March 31st) and lasted approximately 20 weeks, being shod at 5 week intervals. By Mid - August, we had new feet and both "quarter cracks" were completely grown out and gone.

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